October 13, 2009

Our Career Portal

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As search professionals, we know how challenging job hunting is today.  As a service to all job seekers in this tough economy, we have been offering through our website a free series of 21 articles that provide key advice on strategies that we believe will improve any job search.  We are also offering an affordable e-book that provides greater detail on the methods, strategies, creative ideas and advanced understandings that have proven effective for many job hunters in securing new positions.


July 6, 2009

Your True Calling

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As a search firm owner, I have the privilege to speak with many people about their careers and life aspirations.  In the searches we handle, we are expected to identify strong performers with the targeted skills our client needs who recognize that our client’s opportunity could be that right next step forward in their respective careers.  To be the kind of performers we are looking for, these people are usually happy in their work and possess a healthy outlook about the challenges their careers present on a day to day basis.


June 23, 2009

Stretched too far?

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Law.com recently published an article by Susan Beck entitled “Are Today’s Lawyers Stretched Too Far?”  If you have not seen this article as yet, it is certainly thought provoking.  Ms. Beck puts a penetrating spotlight on practice expectations that few questioned, at least out loud, in recent years.  Creating a life by design and career goals that offer sustained satisfaction should be what our adult life is about.  Take a look at:


June 18, 2009

Welcome to our Blog – Insights from Within the Recruiting World

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We just redesigned our website – not just to update the look and to better present our services - but also to provide you with proven job hunting and hiring insights that we know can really help in this challenging marketplace.  Navigate around the site and you will find plenty of useful advice tailored to these times.  For job seekers, we also invite you to sign up to receive 21 free articles that will counsel you on key aspects of a job campaign.  These articles are new and the insights they contain will definitely improve your job search.   If you sign up, expect an article from us every 4 – 5 days