June 7, 2010

Your Next Telephone Interview

Filed under: insights — Paul Kilman @ 11:16 am

With the numbers of candidates who are typically applying for open positions today, I am noticing that employers are making increasing use of phone interviews as an initial screening tool in determining who will actually be invited in for the all important full round of face-to-face interviews. There are challenges to properly navigating a phone interview, so I thought I would provide you with some proven advice to consider.

A skilled interviewer knows that a phone interview is an important screening tool in which a limited number of key questions are asked to determine who should be invited in for a full round of interviews. Phone interviews generally last about 30 minutes. Given its limitations, good interviewers know that a phone interview can not accomplish what a full face-to-face evaluation interview can, where more sophisticated distinctions and assessments can be made. Unfortunately, you should know that some interviewers try to use phone interviews in just this way. Given these realities, how should you best prepare?