August 1, 2009

Focus on What You Can Control

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In a job search, focus on the things you can control – not on the things you cannot control. What does this mean? In a slow market, you cannot always judge the quality of your efforts by the number of interviews or offers you are generating. You cannot control when an employer will decide to hire someone with your skills. You cannot make an employer interview you or extend an offer. You CAN control the out-going activity you are generating. Consistency in levels of weekly activity will lead to success. Become consistent in finding and raising your visibility with people who can either hire you to do the work you want to do or with people who can introduce you to such hiring authorities. If you are job hunting full time, I would strive to target 10 such people each day to create the velocity needed to be successful in your search efforts.

Picture the job-hunting process like a bumpy conveyor belt. Your various efforts to continually raise your visibility with employers are the products you are putting on the front end of this conveyor belt. An appropriate job offer is what emerges at the end of the conveyor belt. Given the “bumps” along the way that you cannot control (last minute budget cuts, etc.), many of your efforts can fall to the wayside in a slow market. However, as long as you are consistent (note that I am not saying frenetic) about your front-end activity, take heart that a job offer, that you will be happy accepting, will emerge from the back end. An excellent trainer in the staffing industry shared this analogy with me and I have found that it is indeed a very accurate way to envision your on-going job search efforts and progress.

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