June 18, 2009

Welcome to our Blog – Insights from Within the Recruiting World

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We just redesigned our website – not just to update the look and to better present our services - but also to provide you with proven job hunting and hiring insights that we know can really help in this challenging marketplace.  Navigate around the site and you will find plenty of useful advice tailored to these times.  For job seekers, we also invite you to sign up to receive 21 free articles that will counsel you on key aspects of a job campaign.  These articles are new and the insights they contain will definitely improve your job search.   If you sign up, expect an article from us every 4 – 5 days  

We are also proud to offer you an e-book that we strongly believe can help anyone (not just attorneys) who is caught somewhere between where they are now careerwise and where they know they deserve to be.  Once your goals are met, we hope that you will share this book and this website with someone else who can benefit from the help.

We plan to use this blog to provide you with insights from within the recruiting world.  I personally have been in the hiring trenches every day for the past twenty years – in good times and bad – and I’ve learned how strong hires are made.  I plan to share some of this insider knowledge with you.  If you have any questions about your job search or the recruiting and hiring process, please let me know.  If appropriate, I will be happy to share the answers here.  Best wishes.

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