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I'm a recent law school graduate. Can a search firm help me find a position?

Generally not. Corporations and law firms hire search firms to identify, attract, evaluate and refer only those individuals with the qualifications and experience necessary to make a significant contribution to their organization. Employers use us to recruit strong candidates whom they would often have trouble finding and attracting themselves through more traditional methods. They are usually capable of hiring entry-level candidates on their own. If you are seeking an entry-level position, approach these organizations directly with a well-prepared resume. Our Resources page offers excellent sources of guidance to help you through this process.

What do you look for in the attorneys with whom you work?

What we look for in an attorney's background is dependent on the unique specifications of each search. Generally, our clients are looking for top-level candidates with some of the following attributes:

  • Solid academic performance at a well-established national or regional law school.
  • Strong job performance.
  • Demonstrated work ethic.
  • Business or technical experience prior to law school.
  • Good presentation skills.
  • Strong client relations skills
  • A confident yet unpretentious personality.
  • Foreign language skills.
  • Experience living or studying abroad.
  • Non-U.S. attorneys with an LLM degree from U.S. law schools of quality.

What should I expect from a recruiter?

If a recruiter contacts you about a particular search, you should expect a full and honest presentation of the opportunity as well as open and timely communication throughout the interviewing and job offer process. Any pressure to push you into an interview or to accept an offer that you are unsure about is inappropriate. If you are considering a job change and would like to contact a recruiter directly, you should understand that:

  • Recruiters welcome unsolicited resumes for their databases. Create a strong resume and cover letter to send as an introduction. A cover letter should include concise information about your capabilities, career interests, compensation requirements and geographic preferences.

  • Recruiters must focus on completing assignments under tight deadlines. As much as we try to return every phone call promptly, client demands take precedence.

A search firm may not have the ideal position for you when you first make contact. However, a good search firm will carefully retain your information for the time when an appropriate opportunity arises. At that point, you should expect a close and ongoing dialogue with the recruiter.




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